What is AyeWork ?

AyeWork is a first-of-a-kind online platform which enables Just-In-Time recruiting for full and part-time
students, experienced professionals and skilled workers. It uses an intelligent skill profile match
algorithm to pair job seekers with potential employers. Job seekers can find relevant opportunities
based on their availability, skill sets and preferences. Just-in-time recruiting benefits employers too by allowing them to reduce redundancy and labour costs and empowering them to make operations management more efficient and effective.


"It's a great app which is solving employment problem in a true sense. Key issue of finding jobs based on one's skills and availability has been solved here. I I think this is the best thing for Job seekers "

Viraj Modi, Data Analytics, St. Clair College

Everyone knows Canada is all about connections. AyeWork is the best way where we can meet employer’s and make connections with them. Even here you have rights to give ratings to employers also, you can also mention your choice of job, preferred time and distance.

Priyanka Bhilare, St. Clair College

''As a private care provider I can not wait until AyeWork is available in the USA, it is a great opportunity for any freelancer''

Colette Furlong, Private Care Provider

AyeWork is a great opportunity for students and professionals alike. It simplifies finding jobs for busy students and you can find your career all in one place.

Avy Maharaj, University of Windsor, Co - op Department



"It is about time that we figure out how to connect employers and employees immediately. This App does it for us! We are happy that such a system is always available to us from such a great platform".

Tal Czudner, Vice President, Landscape Effects Group

We have jobs without people and people without jobs so now we have a solution to help us resolve this problem. It is a fantastic tool that is going to assist our job developer and employment counsellors at the UHC.

June Muir, CEO, Unemployed Help Centre, Windsor

"Aye Work is a really good application created with innovative ideas to help job seekers and employers. The unique feature of listing work availability will be really helpful for students who have varying availability due to their school schedule. It will help employers to streamline their hiring process, as well job seekers to find right job for them."

Gurpreet Chana, Employment Service Program Coordinator, WEST of Windsor

I gave the app a run to see how it works. I like it so far, it’s easy to use, and pretty comprehensible. It has a nice structure.

Alexander Deva, Fulger Transport

I am always proud of Windsor products, and this is another prime example of what we can accomplish when we come together as Windsorites. I encourage employers and job seekers to check out this new tool "AyeWork" to help ease the process of finding employment!

Lisa Gretzky - MPP, Windsor-West


Search Part time & Full Time Jobs

AyeWork makes finding jobs easier. Your job search is finally at an end. Upload your profile, availability, and let the jobs come to you.

Find Jobs at your convenience

Find jobs when you need one and where you need them. AyeWork makes it possible for you to work at a time that works for your schedule.  You can also define how far you can travel for work. You will  receive job notifications based on your preferred time and distance.



Rate your Experience with the Employer & Employee

AyeWork makes it possible for employers and employees to rate each other. An objective rating system keeps everyone honest and rewards high performers. Rating helps you find the right employer or employee based on your requirements and when you need them.

Find Jobs In the Location of your Choice

AyeWork allows job seekers to find jobs in the location of their choice. You can find jobs in your vicinity or in different locations. You can factor in your choice of location based on your ability to travel.


An Initiative to Connect Students, Part-Time/Full-Time Job Seekers and Freelancers with Employers in Real Time.

AyeWork is a company headquartered in Canada that helps part-time/full-time job seekers and freelancers to find job opportunities in real time based on their availability, skills and preferences. The platform optimizes job
search process by notifying job seekers of opportunities that match their profiles and interests as they arise. It also provides the employer the convenience of finding and hiring employees/service providers instantly and only as required.
AyeWork aims to provide secure, real-time, and genuine employment with the help of our innovative software system. We verify, authenticate and confirm employer and job seeker profiles as well as availability.

Connect with AyeWork

For Job Seeker

For Freelancers

For Employer

Job Seeker's App

AyeWork is your solution to finding jobs based on your skills preference, geo-location and availability. Get notification on jobs that meet your profile and that is best suited to you

I am a Job Seeker

Employer's App

AyeWork is your just-in-time recruitment tool. AyeWork gives you the ability to hire employees in a very short order when you need them.

I am an Employer


Rakesh Naidu

Rakesh NaiduFounder

The Founder of AyeWork is Rakesh Naidu, current CEO & President of Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. Rakesh has over 2 decades of working in Private and Not-for-Profit enterprises. He has significant experience in supporting startups, business expansions and business attraction activities. He is a volunteer teacher at Art of Living Foundation and sits of several Boards and Committees in the WindsorEssex Region
In his role as CEO of The Chamber of Commerce, Rakesh oversees the activities of Regional Chamber of Commerce. He works closely with the leaders in the industry and different sector heads to identify and maximize the potential in each sector. He coordinates activities with all other Windsor Essex area government departments, municipal economic development personnel and key stake holders to ensure the broad level of support for new and existing companies.
Rakesh is a Chemical Engineer with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. In the past he has worked in Environmental Engineering, Automotive and Management Consultancy firms. Bulk of his career has been in the Automotive Industry (OEM and Tier-1).
Specialties: Economic Development, Cluster development, Govt Liaison, International business development, Marketing, Quality Assurance, New Product Development, Product planning, Strategic initiative, Cluster development, Community Development, Business Development,

Bharat Maheshwari

Dr. Bharat Maheshwari

Dr. Maheshwari is a Professor at Odette School of Business and a seasoned individual with significant experience in Business Process Engineering, Management information Systems. Bharat is working in the areas of strategy and innovation management. His experience across a wide variety of disciplines includes a special interest in supply chain management, enterprise systems, platforms, and change management. Even as an academic, Bharat is not content to stay in an ivory tower; he would rather interact with a world where nothing is outside the realm of possibility. While working with industry (and keeping his finger on the pulse of the Windsor-Essex region), Bharat is usually thinking about process improvement, seeking out synergies, and finding the blue in blue ocean strategies.
Dr Maheshwari is a former President of Canadian World Education Foundation and his involved in several service projects globally.

Harpreet Virk

Harpreet Virk

Harpreet Virk is a Canada based entrepreneur, IT visionary, and data analytics nerd. Harpreet has developed several innovative products since early 2000, used by many fortune 500 and multinational companies in various sectors. He has successfully applied AI/ML and Data Science to help businesses make better decisions and spur innovation through new insights.
His ability to leverage strong knowledge of business processes, strategy, eCommerce, analytics, and SaaS has enabled him to help clients maximize the ROI. Presently he is teaching Data Analytics at a premier community college with a passion for developing a new generation of IT innovation leaders.
Specialties: • Digital Transformation • Strategic Planning • Data Science & Analytics • Big Data • Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • IOT • Program & Project Planning • Change Management • IT Operations • Vendor Management • Cost/Budget Control • Mentoring & People Development

Dr. Padmaja Naidu

Dr. Padmaja Naidu

Dr. Naidu is an Internist in Windsor, Ontario. She is certified by American Board of Obesity Medicine and runs her Internal Medicine and Obesity Clinic in Windsor.
Dr. Naidu is a recent past President of Essex County Medical Society. She is as strong supporter of the Windsor-Essex region and volunteers her time to support Students and also trains Medical students. Dr. Naidu is the Head of Obesity Canada, Windsor Chapter


AyeWork makes it easy for freelancers to find and schedule clients. We have a flexible availability tool that enables you to communicate even the most dynamic schedule to prospective clients to ensure you are never double booked. You can also communicate directly with the client through the AyeWork app, so it’s easy to keep organized.

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    The great thing about AyeWork for freelancers is that they can be very specific about their skills and availability. This means that your requirements as a freelancer and the requirements for the clients are met, and there is no miscommunication about the service you provide.

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    Absolutely! This should be happening automatically. If you’re not getting job alerts and updates, email support@ayework.ca. But first, we suggest you check out your notification settings on your device to make sure you have notifications turned on for AyeWork.

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    Employers love how easy the AyeWork app makes it to post jobs for employers! We use a job matching algorithm to ensure that the jobs you find are the best matches for you. You can then apply for jobs, post your availability and skills and communicate with employers all through the AyeWork app

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    To find your job after you’ve posted it:

    Go to your AyeWork App
    Click on the profile icon
    Click on the Posted jobs button

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    Simply download the AyeWork app and sign up as an employer. From there, just follow the steps for account setup and posting a job. The process of signing up and posting a job can take as little as 5 minutes.

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    The entire process of applying and finding applicants is contained on the AyeWork app, making the process as quick and simple as possible.

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    Partners will collaborate with AyeWork in the community to spread awareness of their brand and awareness of the AyeWork platform.

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    Download the AyeWork app in the Apple App Store or Google Play by following the links below.

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    AyeWork is a ground-breaking job finding and posting app that uses a proprietary intelligent matching algorithm to pair workers with employers and has unique features like voice assist, flexible scheduling, and Just-in-Time recruiting tools.

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